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BiPolar business is a practical “how-to guide” designed to be used as a recipe book for practical hands-on business people who want to improve their team dynamics and focus their people internally so they can achieve real progress and get traction in the market they operate in. Before any company can implement a marketing strategy they need to have their internal operation running like a well-oiled machine. The book walks the reader through specific dynamics a business leader needs to reverse so they can get their team on board with the direction, defeat cultural resist and create sustainable long term growth.

This book has been written to share 10 years of Nick Muller’s consulting “strategies and techniques” condensed into a formula that can be applied to almost any business. The process outlined in this book is designed to create real freedom for real-world business leaders.

In 2007, I exited a business that I had built prior to the GFC (Global Financial Crisis). This was after a fundamental breakthrough I had experienced in the previous two years.

During that time, I had built my business to the point where it ran smoothly even when I wasn’t around. But to get to that point was rather harrowing, and I almost lost my company trying to figure it out.

Today, over 10 years later I have worked with many companies as a management consultant and business advisor. Most of them have doubled, or tripled in size and some of the owners have exited their company permanently while still retaining ownership, others enjoy a lifestyle that few people ever attain. This book is a step by step guide outlining the keys required to turn your company into a self-sustaining entity that works without you.

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