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Strengthen Your Market Leadership Position

You know when you feel like you’re doing all the right things, and nothing seems to be moving your business forward, you find yourself floundering around looking for answers and getting none?
Maybe a team member is not towing the line – bringing other people down and stalling progress, sales are inconsistent and you feel like you’re constantly running from pillar to post putting out the next fire while another one erupts…

Well I help company’s that have fallen behind in a saturated marketplace increase their profit and regain their market leadership so ultimately their business becomes an asset that provides them freedom.

A Truly Transformational Book

Would you like to know how to turn your business from a

fulltime job that stresses you out into

an asset that allows real freedom?

A detailed account of how real business owners made the leap from the technician trap to own a real business that works without them!

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We engaged Nick’s services due to the expensive cost of getting the hiring process wrong to assist us with understanding how to attract a high level candidate for a new role within KATABOLT. 

Shane Harris

I would highly recommend Nick to any business owner who is looking to remove the boundaries and leap forward in business.


Stewart Wright

Nick has been a great influence in me establishing good business habits, monitoring key areas of my business and constantly looking to achieve more.


Nic Wetere

Well rounded Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the dairy industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Commerce.


My name is Nick Muller,

I believe people can only fully experience the freedom business can provide when they company works for them, is positioned in a sustainable market and has the ability to leverage their competencies effectively.
I don’t think any business should be stuck for any extended period of time without the tools, knowledge or understanding about how to move forward. We have created The Market Leadership program because any business should be able to get to the causes, symptomatic of larger problems quickly and resolve them so they can get back on their pathway forward.
We believe business owners should make real progress toward their goals and stalls should raise an orange flag, so they can be remedied quickly and get back to building momentum.

Case Studies

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White Refrigeration | Case Study

High Speed Spindles | Case Study

Maintenance Specialties | Case Study

The Holistic Pharmacist | Case Study

North West Flooring Xtra | Case Study

Titan Furniture | Case Study

Jung Chung | Case Study 

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